On a walk down to our cellar today a doe was startled by my unexpected presence. She stopped atop a stone wall on a neighbor’s property and to my delight I saw a small fawn springing through the grass to catch up. Upon reaching the mother, the fawn was then joined by another fawn. Twins. Deer are not uncommon here but are not often seen in the daytime. And while deer do cause some minor damage to our orchards and to our vineyards, seeing such a site of a doe and two fawns could can not fail to put a soft note into anyone’s heart. It also is an important reminder to all that we actually live in a national park and wildlife is an important part of this ecosystem. One regret is I only had a camera on my smart-phone, with inadequate zoom, to take a picture, and which thus failed to show much detail of the mother doe and completely obscured the fawns.

Doe (female deer)

Doe near our vineyard  – a bit fuzzy. I need a better camera for distance shots.