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I have written about holes, rocks, and wood. But what about our wine? We do actually have a winery after all.

For those that to date may have doubted it from my posts, yes we actually do make wine. And our 2011 Italian Riesling is now receiving its final racking and bottling.

2011 Riesling

2011 Italian Riesling. With a slight corn flower color difficult to fully appreciate in a photograph.

Unfortunately, the Internet is incapable of really expressing all the most important features of any wine. A wine must be experienced directly to be fully appreciated.

Still a few technical written details may wet the palate, so to speak.  If you have no idea what I am writing below, rest assured I will address wine qualities in a future post.

Our 2011 Riesling was crushed and pressed within 8 hours of picking in late September at 21 Brix (a measure of sugar content). It was fermented in a way to preserve the most fruity nature of this grape, while also designed to enhance the natural flavors and qualities our region can add to any wine. The finished wine is a light corn flower yellow, with a subtle aroma, boutique or nose (the word you may use will depend on your level of wine snobbery) of green apples and bitter almonds with a just hint of mineral. Gentle acidity give the wine a nice feel in the mouth without too much bitterness.

If you want the real experience of our wine, and if you are ever in Hungary, let me know and I can give directions to our cellar.

2011 Riesling

2011 Italian Riesling with one of our vineyards in the background.

2011 Riesling

2011 Italian Riesling. With one of our vineyards and lake view in the background.