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Veraison, in its simplest definition, is the color change of grape berries as they start to ripen. I planted our Turán (aka Agria in North America) five years ago. And this year was the first year I allowed a full crop to develop on the vines. Five years from planting to product. Wine making can be a long term expensive hobby business that requires a lot of patience. It is now just the end of July and our Turán has completed it color change and entered the full ripening stage (currently at 15 Brix). Our other varieties will take longer to complete veraison.

Turán Veraison

End of July full veraison (color change) in Turán grapes.

Well, almost all the berries have completed veraison; there are still a few straggler berries out in the vineyard.

Turán Veraison Almost Complete

Turán veraison almost complete. The stragglers should get to work, we have wine to make soon.