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Not talking about blog posts here, but rather vineyard trellis posts.

This is a continuation of my tale of two properties series of posts — okay, now I mean blog posts 🙂 .

The vines planted on property 2 (and replanted since we had quite a bit of die off the first two years) are now old enough, and growing tall enough, to require wire trellis supports. I am installing 2.5 m (8 ft) black locust posts as the trellis supports. Stout posts are going in every 20 m (66 ft) with smaller supporting posts every 10 m (33 ft). To avoid soil compaction by machinery of the moist spring soil, the post holes are being dug with a hand soil auger to a depth of 80 cm (32 in), which leaves 1.7 m (6 ft) of the post above ground to support the trellis wire.