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I planted some more of my tomato starters today. I normally plant my tomatoes in the spring radish and green onion beds, harvesting a patch of radishes and onions to plant the tomatoes.

Aside from that, I normally harvest radishes and onions almost daily this time of year, and in a month the radishes and onions will be all harvested, leaving only the tomatoes to grow. A tiny, single season crop rotation.

And since I harvest radishes and onions daily, I usually have one of my favorite lunches this time of year, which is simply washing and cleaning the radishes and onions and serving them with a bit of coarse salt and sweet butter. I just drag the vegetables in the butter to coat slightly, then touch the buttered vegetable in the salt, and eat. The combination of the sharp radish and onion with the smooth butter and salt makes for a taste explosion. All things in life should be so simple, yet elegant and pleasant.