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I often start my seeds each spring. In pots. Some I prick out and some I start in small containers for later planting.

And some seeds just…. grow on their own.

Especially some butter nut squash seeds, from squash rind I threw into the compost heap. Most of my compost is of the cool compost types, so not so hot to kill off seeds. So I get a bit more weeds and viable seeds in my compost then from a hot compost pile. And many of those seeds are from my butternut squash from the prior year. Especially from compost under my warm fleece layers placed over other crops. Such as:

So I simply, and gently removed them, and put them in pots. Resulting in many squash starts I had not officially planted:

Compare the above butter nut squash starters to the butter nut squash I did plant over a week ago….. in great seed compost soil by the way so lacking nothing to get them started…. Yet none of them has so far broken the surface of the soil:

An interesting comparison of nature just happening (with a bit of warmth help from fleece covering) versus my very deliberate attempt to actually get seed to grow.

A very humbling and interesting experience in life.