Agria / Turan

Turán ready for harvest

Turán ready for harvest

Our Turán (in Hungary – Agria in North America) is a Teinturier grape variety from Hungary that makes a “real red wine” as the red color of the wine can come directly from the grape’s red juice, not just from the red skin.

Our small plot of Turán is now producing a sustainable number of grapes and it is creating an excellent fruity wine. We process the grapes as if they are a white wine, so no soaking on the grape skin, yet the natural red juice from the berries creates an amazing light red wine with delightful fruit aromas and flavors.

2015 Vintage Tasting Notes

December (Christmas) racking: Wine has fallen clear to a lovely cherry red color. The wine has aromas of strawberry, cherry and raspberry. These flavors are also present in the wine, as well as a touch of spice and cinnamon on the tongue.