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March 15th. The official start of Spring is just five days away.

As the weather starts to warm, and we see the first signs of Winter abating with plants begin to sprout, it is tempting to idle away the time in the new warming sunny days available.

Roses in late Winter

End or vine row roses starting to leaf out in late Winter.

Bulbs starting to grow in late Winter.

Garden bulbs starting to grow in late Winter.

Yes, tempting. But March is also an important month for getting ready for the coming Spring and Summer growing season in the vineyard. Beware getting idle too soon. Some effort spent now will pay dividends later in the year. So before idling away the day we should check our late Winter task list, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • vines are trimmed and tied?
  • early soil tilling done?
  • cuttings and trimmings gathered and disposed of, or mulched into the soil (depending on your method of cane treatment)?
  • equipment checked, cleaned, repaired and otherwise prepared for the coming season work load?
  • completed all late Winter tasks in the cellar?
Early spring field work

Late Winter field work in progress.

Check list complete? Yes? Excellent!  Open a bottle of a prior year’s vintage and enjoy an idle early spring break day in the sun. You earned it.