Did you feel it?

Today, December 22, at 00:03 this morning for those living in Central Europe (CET – one hour East of Greenwich mean time) we had this year’s Winter Solstice. Last year, the Solstice occurred on December 21st. As is did in 2012. This year it marks this event’s move to December 22nd by a mere three minutes. The Winter Solstice will occur again next year (2015) on December 22nd in Central Europe, and then return again to December 21st in 2016.

In any case, it is the first official day of winter.

Winter - An idyllic view.

Winter – An idyllic view.

But to me, and more importantly, the Solstice marks the reversal of shortening days. From here till the Summer Solstice daylight hours will increase.

Bring on the sun.