The winter solstice brings the first day of Winter. The longest night and the shortest day. So for those that claim they are as honest as the day is long, today you can be most dishonest….

Seasonal changes such as the winter solstice historically meant something significant and important. Especially to agrarian societies. The winter solstice thus was a time for festivals. The wine and beer fermented or brewed from the fall harvests were ready to drink, and livestock fattened on the summer foder were slaughtered to provided meat for the winter. It was after all the start of a critical time, as the next four months (January to April), were known as “the famine months” in much of Europe. Historically, starvation was a very real threat until mid spring. If you are going to go, the logic may be reasonable to suppose, you might as well first have a party.

It is also the  start of daylight time again slowly growing longer.

Bonfires were used to celebrate the return of light.

Bonfires were used to celebrate the return of light.

By this weekend, for those in the northern hemisphere, the sun will start to set later, and we will have another minute of daylight.

Use it well. I suggest taking that extra minute of daylight to hug a loved one.