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Yes, I know. Ground hog day is February 2nd. And this is February 3rd.

And I know Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday, so six more weeks of winter.

But here in Hungary, after an absolutely bone chilling month long period where almost every night and day was below long term historical temperatures for January…. we got a break yesterday and today, and it was actually warmer than normal.

There was simply no way I was going to do my “normal” January pruning when I wake up with an outside temperature of -15°C/5°F.

And so, I was, finally, outside yesterday doing some much delayed winter tree pruning.

And since it was so warm today, I started to trim the grape vines.

Despite the long cold weather, the vines seemed okay for the most part. Not too much freeze damage to canes. And my trimming work is progressing rapidly.

2017 winter vine trimming.

2017 winter vine trimming. These are mostly Pinot gris vines in the photo.

With the warm weather expected to last for the next few days, I might get all my trimming done and then settle down for a few more weeks of my winter nap.