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I am very interested in holistic, or balanced, agriculture and gardening based on ecological principles of diversity. So this year I planted at one of our properties a Native American styled three sisters garden.

And I am overall quite pleased so far with the results.

For those that like to watch a video, here is a video walk through:

For those that prefer to not lose 3:38 minutes of your life in a linear video portrayal of my garden, here are photos for you to efficiently and non-linearly peruse:

The nitrogen from the beans will only become available next year, but that is okay, since agricultural methods like three sisters are balanced, ecological and holistic, not monoculturalistic, so can be repeated on the same site for some years, if done properly.

This is a first year garden at this site, which I prepared by simply covering the grass with a tarp over winter and letting the grass die off. Similar to the no till techniques described by Charles Dowding.

Charles Dowding’s video on how to clear weeds: