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The best part of having a garden is of course being able to eat what you planted. This is an example of a full meal coming mostly only from my garden. Only the salt and oil used to cook which I can not produce I did not grow or make. I even make my own vinegar, which I can use in salads.

To start, the harvest. I wanted a salad and a soup for dinner. So I harvested from my garden: (1) Green Kohlrabi, (2) dill, (3) cucumbers. (4) celery, (5) kale, (6) tomatoes, (7) lettuce, and (8) beets.

I also used the garlic and onions from my garden.

And other spices such as basal.

First was the salad. I used the beets (roots and leaves), some of the tomatoes, the cucumber, the dill, some of the kale, the lettuce, and a bit of salt.

The rest, I put into a pot, caramelizing the onions and garlic, sautéing the other greens and tomatoes, then cooking in water a little longer to make a soup. With a dash of salt for flavor. The result.

I also added some chopped chives and a sprig of parsley for garnish. Also from my garden.


Side note: we upgraded to an induction counter top stove this year. And I love it. I have found it better than any other heat source for many reasons. It is not only superior for slow cooking and sautéing, but it’s safety at not heating surrounding items can not be ignored. Who would dare to put a cloth like this on any other type of stove while cooking?