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February all too often is really unpredictable. And when it gets nasty, it becomes a very cold month here. A real witch to deal with.

December can be deceptive. A few very cold days then some warm days. But the December deception can be dealt with.

January is forgiving most years. It is at least mostly consistent. Cold days and nights, but not too bad.

But February….. A month that simply laughs at you. It may be mild one year, and then may throw a blizzard at you another year. Just for fun, chuckles and laughs. It is a month that may forget you even exist….

February may decide to be warmish. Or it may decide I have not had enough winter punishment yet so unfurls the worst winter weather it can before March.

March is the seasonal mediator (the type of moderator we all wish existed online) which can come in as a mediator and tell February to “calm down”.

I never know what to expect in February outside. But I can at least keep my starters warm inside.

Note: Just in case you were wondering, I use “witch” as a gender free term, divorced from the European religious and gender specific misconceptions and bias.