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My winter garden, started in 2022, but now in January of 2023, is overall doing well. And I plan to make a series of posts about different plants in my garden.

But to start I thought it would ideal to begin with bad news, and some damage issues that happened so far this winter.

I most had issues with my Romaine lettuce in December. Basically, I only had fleece on them and it rained a lot during the day, then froze at night. I should have put up low tunnels when I learned the weather would change but I did not — my bad. So some of my lettuce heads where literally frozen the next day. And the warm day thawed the ice. And that repeat cycle caused rot. So I lost quite a few plants in a few weeks.

The other major issue has been slugs. I have never really had a slug problem till this year. Was it the weather? The warm climate I gave the slugs under fleece? Something else? I do not know. But they damaged my spinach quite a lot and I am now constantly find over wintering slugs in my lettuce. Annoying.

I had some minor deer damage and lots of cats walking over and damaging fleece at one garden I have in a village, but that was pretty minor.

Photos below of some damage types.