Here in Hungary where I live there are many indicators to remind us that summer is winding down and fall is on its way.

There is the slight chill in the air one starts to notice. And the leaves in the vineyards and on the trees are starting to morph into their showy fall colors.

But most notably, and regrettably, of the fall reminders is the yearly appearance of anti-bird acoustic devices installed in many neighboring vineyards. They include not only the typically “beeping” sounds, but also, and more recently, the sounds of acoustic cannons are filling the air (and I suspect also some shotgun blasts).

I understand the economic reasons for not wanting birds to eat ones entire crop. After all, a flock of starlings can reduce a ripening crop of grapes, and some yearly income, into nothing but memories and tears in matter of minutes. And netting is time consuming and expensive to install.

Turan ready to harvest

Destined for wine or bird food?

Still, it is one of the low points of the year having to spend over a month constantly hearing randomly timed sounds that makes one think either a very large truck is backing up and about to squash you, or there is a minor military rebel action occurring nearby.