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The weather this year has been unusual. This spring I saw our first frost damage, and then the rest of the spring was wetter than normal. And then last week we had a monster storm come through.

Very strong winds, heavy rain (4.5 cm / 1.7 in) in just a few hours, and driving hail.

I some cases, the wind either broke trellis wires or broke the posts at ground level knocking over entire sections of vines. The high winds also semi-defoliated many vines (and some of our trees).

But the real damage was the hail. What leaves not ripped off were shot through by hail stones. And the hail of course damaged the grape crop. The hail lasted less than 20 minutes, but with the strong winds that was long enough do to about 20% to 30% in total damage to this years grapes. Damage to the leaves may affect next years crop as well.

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