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Getting quick to the point: The LED lights work well. I am impressed.

Details include:

  • They reduce legginess in seedlings*
  • They help seedlings with leaf growth
  • They help seedlings become more green and healthy looking
  • They help distressed seedlings recover**
  • Placing seedlings under outside low tunnels each day (taken in at night) seems to stimulate more growth than seedlings under the lights alone. But the lights also helped to get the seedlings ready to place outside under the low tunnels (reduced the need to “harden off”). So a win-win.

In short, I am pleased with the grow lights. They did well, even if simply as an adjunct light source, and growing assistant. But even as such they did very well. So in short, I would very much recommend using them for later winter starters.

The asterisks

* The lights greatly decreased legginess in seedling except for my tomatoes. I do not know why tomatoes differed.

** I had some Swiss Card and lettuce that got “limp” when placed outside but recovered when placed under the grow lights back inside I do not know why the lights helped, but they seemed to have helped.