We had a very cold May. Then most of June was a heat wave and very dry. But today, July 1 was cool and we had a gentle rain. Weirdly I can not remember when we last had a gentle rain. But I do remember when I last had a dark beer and a cigar. It was over two years ago on a road trip to Krakow Poland. I have been to many places in nearly 30 countries. Most places are on the visit scheme of things as been there and done that. Been there so no need to go back. But Krakow is one of those places I would definitely go back for a visit.

But I digress. As I said, it has been very hot and dry lately. Weather puts one into a “mood” of sorts. Be it heat or cold. And when the gentle rain that came today, with some much needed cool weather it was a change. And on the change of month. It also changed my mood and life outlook. So I got a good locally made stout, a good cigar, and sat on my porch in the evening and simply listened to the rain. By the time the rain was over, so was my beer and my cigar. Yet, it was one of the most peaceful, enjoyable evenings I have had for a long time.

The little things in life. They matter. Take the time to make them happen.